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corrugated paper machine

  • carton paper machine 2880
  • carton paper machine 2880
  • carton paper machine 2880
carton paper machine 2880carton paper machine 2880carton paper machine 2880

carton paper machine 2880

  • Product description: high-strength carton paper machine, board paper making machine,white board paper machine,high strength corrugated paper machine, carton paper machine

If you want to set up a paper mill, however, you do not know it clearly, please contact me by and email, skype or phone .  We will give you a professional suggestion according to your requirement. We can take you to see our clients’ paper factory.


carton paper machine 2880

Brief introduction of carton paper machine 2880:

1.Varieties of paper :   High-strength corrugated paper, kraft paper,Carton paper,Board paper,Corrugated paper, duplex board machine, fluting and testliner paper

2.Raw material: Straw, wheat straw, bagasse, cotton stalks, wood pulp, waste paper,bamboo.

3.GSM range: 100-250g/m2

4.Net paper width : 2900mm

5.Working speed :100-180m /min

6.Daily output: 30-120t/d

7.Rail gauge: 3300mm

8.Power: According to customer requirements.

The raw material available :

paper finished

paper making machine:

Paper making process :

Paper mill:

our workshop:

Packaging & shipping:

1.the dryer is packed with wood chips for protecting its surface .

2.the large diameter roll is packed with wood chips.

3.the steel rolls are packed with plastic film and straw ropes.

4.reducer, oil station, and suction box, hydraulic station is packed with wooden box.

5.electric control cabinet is packed with three-ply board box .

6.some parts are nude cargo.

Why choose us?

Our services

1.sample service:

We can send you different kind quality paper samples,which is produced by our paper machine.

You also can send us the paper sample that you want to produce by DHL,EMS etc.we will design according to your paper samples.

II. After sale service:

1.all products adopt all-around computer aided design (CAD)

2.complete sets machine will be pre installed before delivery. year warranty after machine running.

4.we will send engineers/technicians to install the whole production line

5.after one year,we can guide and help you to maintain the machines.and spare parts will be provided on cost price.

6.every 2 years,we can help to overhaul the complete machines for free. production technology and process configuration.

8.we can provide turn key-project service

Company information

Qinyang anshun machinery manufacturing company is a high-tech machinery company for manufacturing paper machine, pulping equipment and so on. Since 2010 , our industrial output value is over USD15 million, permanent assets over USD10 million. We have four leading products : waste paper pulping line, screening and purification, paper machine, sewage treatment equipment. Our products have been sold to middle east,south Africa,South Asian, over 20 countries. To achieve environment demand, our company cooperated with many universities and researching unit, introduced the new way equipped with new technology and new products, which can solve many problems, for example, pollution,shortage of material,High energy consumption and so on.

Thus,our company got a numbers of new clients and built many paper mill. you are welcome to visit our company and our clients’ paper mill.


1. How to visit your factory and what will be the procedure?
Our company located in Zhengzhou city,Henan province, if you take plane, it needs about 1.5 hours from Guangzhou city, 1 hours from shanghai city and 1 hour from Beijing.we will pick you up from airport as well as the train station. We will take you to see our machine running in our Chinese clients' paper mill. Welcome you and your team to visit us at any time!

2. Could your engineer teach and train our worker and stay in our factory for long time?
Yes, we have a large number of engineers for installation ,they can train and teach your worker to operate paper machine,but you should pay them salary.

3. Which kind of chemical I should prepare:

(1) Deinking agent

(2) Dispersing agent

(3) Bleaching agent

toilet paper machine:

writing paper machine:

kraft paper machine:

corrugated paper machine:

fluting paper machine:


Contact: Betty Fang

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